Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Please welcome Rachael Ruddick

Meet my fave handbag designer, Rachael Ruddick.
If you have never heard of Rachael Ruddick, then after checking this out, I'm sure it is a name you will not forget.
Tasmanian born and now based in the UK, Rachael's bags, clutches and cuffs are made from a selection of luxury materials including calf skin, stingray and watersnake just to name a few.
Below is a series of bags and cuffs that I LOVE! And I'm sure you will see quite a few pop up on my blog over the next few months.
Check out her full collection at http://www.rachaelruddick.com/. Enjoy!!
Brooklyn xx

Bought this handbag in the Summer 2011/12 collection! LOVE, LOVE IT!!


Ahhhh... The Blue Parrotfish Mini Traveller. At $980 - I dream of this one day being mine.

Mini Traveller in Navy Suede
I know birthday presents are meant to be a surprise, but in two weeks, this will be me!! Watch this space.

I love how Rachael's cuffs can make such a big statement on a simple outfit. You can never have too many of these babies!!

Below is a few more pics of styles and designs that I wished I owned. Enjoy!!

And here is a pic of me sporting my Tie Dye Mini Traveller

Brooklyn xx

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