Friday, 15 June 2012

How would you wear?

Floral Pants... a piece that will hold a place in most females wardrobes before the year is out. 
My gorgeous bestie Tenille purchased these SaboSkirt ( pants last month and has done me the favour of being my first model, in my first outfit post. Feeling like such a rookie in this game, we very quickly threw the following combinations together. 
With the pants being such a powerful print, it is easy to just stick with a white or black top, but me, I am all about colour! Take a look below and maybe if you have these pants, here are some colour options for you in the top department. Enjoy!!

Sportsgirl Lace Top & Sabo Skirt pants.

Country Road silk shirt.

Boots by Siren Shoes.

Top by Sportsgirl

Brooklyn xx


  1. your finally blogging :)

    I have been following your instagram for ages!! Its great to see you on blogspot :)

    xo Ancille