Friday, 17 May 2013

Jamie Ashkar

Ummmm so did you know that Spring collections start dropping in July?... And did you know that July is only 6 weeks away - Eeeeek! 

How much have I just brightened your day?!

I am so damn excited that Jamie Ashkar is coming to Runway Brooklyn and not just because my wardrobe is going to become a whole new level of cool, but I love dressing people and I know you guys are going to die over this.

Take a scroll and I will give you details along the way.

Sports Tee in grey/aqua - $495. 

This look is not for the faint hearted, but take a step back and picture this - Tee teamed with skinny leg, light denim torn jeans and a pair of Marants! HOT! Well this is how I am dreaming of running this tee. Thoughts?

Sports skirt in grey/pink - $395. 

This skirt was selected in front of the Sports Pencil skirt ( pictured above with tee ) as it will be easier to wear day to day. Shown here with heels, which I heart, but you will see me sporting this with a white cotton tank tucked in for a fresh, easy look.

Zip-It dress - $550. 

No words, but what a phenomenal dress. Hot much?! That pink one will be on my body, just need to find an event to wear it to!

Fluidity Dress - $650. 

Perfect for the Races, xmas dinners, weddings, you name it. How nice is it to see more & more dresses at this length? Sorry boys, but this length is going to dominate this Spring/Summer.

Have a great weekend and get excited for Spring!

Brooke @ RB xx

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