Monday, 22 April 2013

White Suede Spring/Summer via Vydia

It sounds crazy, but Spring is not too far away! Although this is coming from the girl who gets so excited as soon June hits and for more reasons than 1.

Reason 1 - My birthday is in June.
Reason 2 - June = MEGA SALES.
Reason 3 - June 21 is the shortest day, meaning that from this day the nights gradually begin to get lighter.
Reason 4 - Spring collections start to dribble into stores and....
Reason 5 - Winter is officially here, which means Spring really isn't that far away. 

Honestly how quick are the weeks, months, years flying by? It is crazy!

Anyways, whilst I'm over here getting psycho excited about Spring, the photos above were taken by the gorgeous Vydia Rishie at White Suede's preview of their Spring/Summer collection. Shown above is a mini taste of what is to come to Runway Brooklyn! 
Eeeeek, get a load of that leather crop!! Also available in white leather, but how do you pick just 1?! I couldn't.
For more pics, please take the time to visit V by Vydia Rishie here. Vydia is doing an incredible job with her blog. She is seriously one cool chick.

Enjoy and remember...... SPRING IS COMING!! Haha

Brooke @ RB x

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