Thursday, 21 March 2013

Please meet Sheridan Smith

I have had the most incredible support from so many people in the building of 
Runway Brooklyn. 
So when fellow Launceston girl, Sheridan Smith, asked me to help promote her first song on iTunes, I was so happy to help.
Sheridan is honestly one of the sweetest, most genuine girls I know. She comes from the most loving family and I always loved when her and her mother would come in to Polly shoes. The love that have for each other is too cute for words! 
Sheridan's face lights up any room and I am so honoured to know this gorgeous girl.

See below for an interview with Sheridan! ALSO, see my Instagram for details on how to WIN a $150 RUNWAY BROOKLYN voucher as a thank you from Sheridan.

Wishing you all the success in the world lovely lady and if the saying "good things happen to good people" is true, then get ready for an amazing career doll!

Born 5th August, 1990 in Launceston, Tasmania, Sheridan Smith has become a successful Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Recording Artist. Sheridan may be a pint sized rockstar, but don’tlet the five foot fool you, she has lungs of a Viking.
Sheridan signed to Melbourne Independent Label, Barraiya Records in 2011. Since then Sheridan has been recording and just released a single in February 2013 with more tracks to be released in 2013.
You’re Dreamin’ – the single is now available on iTunes. Co-written and produced by Powderfinger’s Darren Middleton this catchy tune shows off some Fleetwood Mac harmonies and light hearted lyrics.
Who worked on this song with you?

I was really lucky to work with some of Australia’s great musicians such as Darren Middleton (Powderfinger), Marty Brown and Warren Bloomer (Claire Bowditch) and Matt Murphy. I’m very humbled that I get to call Darren a friend and a mentor who has helped me and guided me over the last 12 months.
I name dropped big time there hahaha.
How did the song You’re Dreamin’ come about?
Haha mum has been super worried that she’s not going to get grandchildren so she decided to put her feelers out there… Her feelers went the wrong direction LOL

Tell us something we don’t know about you?
I can't whistle… because I didn’t have front teeth until I was 7 LOL #Alliwantforchristmasismytwofrontteeth

If you could do a duet on stage with anyone, who would it be?
I can’t choose one!
Alanis morrissette – Her Jagged Little Pill album is what made me want to sing
Hugh Jackman – because he’s hot and a whole lotta man!
Chris Martin – This guy can rock a stadium

Whats next for Sheridan Smith?
LA baby!!! Just me and my guitar… Looook out USA I’m a coming!

Here’s a favourite quote of mine:
“Music makes more sense to me than any other religion. The fact that you can speak to people from any walk of life, around the world, simply in terms of rhythms, beats, noises and melodies, and still communicate a mutual sense of emotion… I think that’s all you need as proof of oneness.” Russell Hobbs, the drummer of the Gorillaz.

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