Monday, 22 October 2012

One word..... GOOT

I never imagined that I would ever consider spending so much on 1 article of clothing, other than my wedding dress of course. But then again I didn't pay for that... Thanks Dad!
The Josh Goot bomber jackets and vests have quickly turned into a massive cult & I want to be apart of this fashion pack. 
Call me crazy, but we all have our obsessions and mine is fashion...der!!
 I rarely ever drink and I don't smoke or take drugs, so I should be able to waste my money on something so unnecessary.

Here is how I am justifying this potential purchase.....
1. I have two dresses to sell after I have worn them to certain weddings.

2. If I decide I am over this incredibly expensive piece, then resale of the vest is a guaranteed decent amount.

3. You only live once.

4. I deserve it..... Well at least I like to think I do!

Brooklyn xx

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