Thursday, 21 June 2012

How many is too many?

I am having trouble in deciding what colour to get in Camilla and Marc's Emperor Pant. At $460, it is hard for some to even justify one pair.... but I think I need two. Ahhhhhh. 

Fashion is a dangerous addiction, but let me tell you, I am goooood at justifying it to myself.... and my husband. One of my favourite justifications is, "what?! I only get my hair coloured twice a year and most people get theirs coloured every 4-6 weeks!!" That's a good one hey?!

This entire collection is just too amazing. Enjoy!! 

I think I love this colour the most..... with this top!


And the second colour I need is this pink, teamed with the jacket & top below!
Then I can mix 'n' match - perfect!!

Brooklyn xx


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    1. Glad you checked it out! pre order the yellow on! That means you can just do a 20% deposit and pay the rest later - WIN